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How to write an argumentative essay?

on 18/11/2014

There is also an argumentative essay type among the number of types of essays. If you have got an assignment on argumentative essay, you should not take it as an ordinary essay paper as it is important to understand the specifics of requirements first. How to write an argumentative essay well and do not get professor saying that the essay type has been messed up?

The argumentative essay is the paper, which deals with a certain issue and gives information about it in form of arguments. You should select a certain position in it and validate it with reliable arguments in order to show that your point of view deserves to be the most correct.

Somehow argumentative essay is similar to persuasive essay, but the aim of the former one is rather to confirm that the point of view is correct than to persuade someone in something. Some students also cannot see the difference between expository essay and argumentative one and this is a common mistake as they are different taking into account the prewriting stage and the length. Argumentative paper are usual assignments for final projects and they require one to do a deep and wide research on a certain problem, while expository papers are shorter and less deep, often being used for writing in class.

Argumentative essays are suitable for final assignments as they cover a large area of knowledge. In addition to this, you need to express your personal opinion and structure the paper in a way you think it looks better. However, the personal opinion needs to be based on classic and modern sources, opinion of well-known scientists as well as statistical data. The statistical data involved should better be of two types: the statistics taken from a reliable source (surely, being properly cited) and the statistics received as a result of student`s personal research (observations, experiments, interviews etc.). A good argumentative essay also has a graphical data in-text or in appendixes, so it can be clearly seen that all your words are concrete and well-supported by facts.

An argumentative essay should also tough upon the opposite views. Talking about your being right won`t be full without the analysis of other points of view being wrong. Each opposite approach needs to be talked about in a separate paragraph and there also need to be arguments. The only difference is that telling about your position in this problem you concentrate your attention into arguments pro and over-viewing the opinions of others you should talk more about arguments contra, so this will show the whole issue in light you need it to be shown. It will be professional to show the weaknesses of your approach as well, as this confirms that you are ready for improvement and for discussion.

All the paragraphs are to be linked one to another. Stating different opinions on the same issue in separate paragraphs won`t make an argumentative essay. You should pay a special attention to the conflicts of points of view and talk more about differences than about thoughts they have in common.

As you can judge from the information given above, it is not that easy to write an argumentative paper. You should pass a long path to understanding how to write an argumentative essay well. However, our writers can assist you on this road to understanding and make the process of learning more effective and interesting, simply contact our support team for help!

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