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How to write a college essay?

on 18/11/2014

The essay writing is not an easy thing as each paper is specific due to its subject, topic, complexity level and the time it is due. Obviously, the college essay writing is not like university one and surely has differences from high school papers completion. That is why it is necessary to know, how to write a college essay as required.

The college essay has the certain level of complexity. It is not that general as for High School and usually it is not so narrow specialized as University paper. Thus, you should select the topic, which will require a research of a moderate deepness of research.

You will be required to involve the specific terminology to your order, but the terms should not be too complex and the paper should not be full of those. Remember, that you should keep the limit of theory you have already started and just slightly go beyond the frames of information you were taught. A lot of students try to seem more intelligent and they talk about terms they know nothing about. This leads to numerous confusions and the paper gets messed up as a result. Write only about what you understand well and do not try to seem smarter than you are.

The structure of the college essay will also be different from High School papers. Indeed, in High School there was enough to write 5 paragraph essays. It won`t always work with college essays. There will be an exception if your professor asks you to fit the essay to one page and be maximally laconic and concrete, but still such an essay will differ from high school paper. Usually, you should include more arguments and overview a several sides of issue you are talking about. Remember to separate each single issue or point into a paragraph, so the paper will look clearer. If you are to write a short paper, this will be even more difficult, because you need to do the same writing and then cross out the material that can be avoided to have only important things left. The decent one page college paper, unlike the High School one, can be easily extended to a 3 pages essay due to being informative.

Usage of sources will also differ. In college you know more than in High School, so you will be required to use academic sources. Your analytical skill is supposed to be better developed, so your paper won`t be just a compilation of materials found, but a personal analysis of scientists` points of view. Personal approach and opinion determines your development from High School to College student.

The requirements to college paper are also stricter in comparison to high school essays. Being a college student, you will have more grades deducted due to formatting issues and incorrect grammatical structures. You should be attentive while writing and you should remember, that not only the sense forms the paper`s value, but also the way the sense is expressed and put into a paper.

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