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How to write a essay?

on 18/11/2014

Writing essays fast and qualitatively is an important skill if you want to succeed in academic career. However, this is a skill that can be developed only by experience in writing and research work in academic writing sphere. Not everyone has time and possibilities to work on his skills, but surely everyone wants to get good results without a lot of efforts.

In order to perform decent essays and learn how to write a essay to get a good grade, it is enough to follow some basic rules of academic writing properly.

Firstly, before you start writing an essay, you should do a pre-writing stage. It includes searching for sources and extracting information from them in order to understand the issue better and use some ideas in future paper. Only after you have analyzed different points that the issue is connected with and you feel that you can write a essay on the given topic, you should proceed to writing stage.

For you to note, writing stage does not start from writing a first draft. In fact, to make sure that the essay will be well organized you should start from writing an outline. If you are stuck, there is a point to start with short outline, indicating that your paper needs to have introduction, body part and conclusion. Then, outline the structure of your body part (at least three paragraphs that deal with different ideas) and try to determine the main ideas to talk about. If you have found more than 3 points that you consider to be worth talking about simply add more paragraphs, and this will even make your paper more efficient if properly written. Finally, complete an extended outline and think about how you are going to connect those thoughts into a logically organized text. Only after this you should start writing your first draft.

Usually the first draft covers a lot of information and is a result of brain storming within the limits set by outline. During the second reading it is necessary to cross out the less important material and so on until you get the paper, where no word can be taken off.

The last stage is to proofread the paper well. Even people, who know how to write a essay well, prefer giving their papers to friends for final proofreading, as there may be mistakes that you simply missed. We are humans and sometimes we do obvious mistakes just to being not attentive. However, this won`t be an excuse for professor decreasing your grade.

After all, read your paper aloud and see if it makes sense and if your listeners are interested in what you write about. If everything is completed well, the paper will easily pass this test.

If you do not get well all the stages we were talking about above or you do not have a friend, who is well in writing and has time to help, you can come to our service and ask for all the explanations needed. All you should do is to place your order on the essay, which is due, and our professional writer will tell you how to write a essay according to given instructions. Such help is useful, as you see all the writing techniques in practice and you will get the example you will be able to use doing your next assignments. So, do not hesitate to ask for help!

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