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How to write an essay?

on 18/11/2014

Each student faces this question while his studies, as essay is probably the favorite assignment of tutors, professors on different subjects. There are a lot of types of essays to serve various goals that professor wants to achieve giving you an assignment. However, there are some general requirements to paper writing including essay writing.

In order to get a good grade, one should write a decent paper and it needs to cover the topic well, be logically structured, there should not be any mistakes, the paper also needs to be free from plagiarism etc. Let’s see all the requirements more concrete:

Structure of an essay. If you are trying to learn how to write an essay, you should be aware of the major structural demands.

The simplest essay has five paragraphs. There should be an introduction, a body part (the biggest one, so it has 3 paragraphs), and the conclusion. The main information needs to be given in body part and 3 paragraphs are to talk about separate issues. The introduction usually gives some background information, shows the context of the issues among other issues of the field and tells which scientists and in which research works were dealing with this problem. At the end of introduction (in last sentence or in sentence before it), one should include the thesis statement and actually state, what he will talk about. Experienced writers also recommend to start essay with so-called ‘hook’ in order to attract attention of readers. So, first two sentences need to have some interesting or controversial information, so readers will want to know more on this. It is possible to start with a problematic question (an alternative one for example) or tell some shocking statistic data (not the one you have come to during research). All in all, the aim of a good introduction is to attract attention, make people interested, and set a tone of your essay, finalizing with the statement of what you will write about exactly.

The body paragraphs deal with arguments or certain sides of issue you overview. It is important to check whether there is only one point expressed in one paragraph, as talking about everything at once not stating anything in details will make a mess. It is better to select the most important things you want to say and show and devote a paragraph for each. Conclusion is also an important part of each essay as without a conclusion no one will see the point of your essay at all. Here you do not need to say all over again, but state the main ideas of your essay in general, so basically tell the conclusion you have come to.

The paper should also be properly formatted. Giving you an essay assignment, you professor requests the following of certain paper format requirements and all the citations and sources should be indicated.

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